Step into a dream

Photo Credits- Reena Prasad
Photo Credits- Reena Prasad

The steps have been waiting for an afternoon
I promised them
when the sun would hide behind palm sheaves
occasionally sending golden darts
warm enough to transform straying thoughts
into lazy day dreams
I cannot shut out these moments
anymore can I let this time rush by
The nodding bougainvillea drops its paper blooms
An ant travels up the garden wall
It is a solitary journey
Stirring life in every pot and crevice
surprises me with its tenacity
The shadows lengthen as I sit and stretch
to touch the last of the fading light
A cloak of soft dusk falls over me
as I dream at my writing desk
of a friendly porch
where some steps always wait for me
© Reena Prasad April 8th 2013

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