The Wednesday Poetry Corner With Susie Bertie

Thank you Niamh for celebrating the jewel that Susie Bertie definitely is!
“Poetry …. is this tugging need to … for just one moment, one breath, one length of a feeling …. illuminate something that carries a weight of truth and a certain divinity … be it love, loss, some crystal realization, a taste, a smell …. that something more that is life’s ballast, life’s dust mote … something that defines our shared human stardusty selves.” Simply awesome the way you put it and poetry dances well when put to apt music. I enjoyed reading this lovely column. Listening to Darrell’s and Tim ‘O Brien’s Long time gone was a real pleasure.

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Susie Bertie is one of those voices that sits quietly in shadows. She does not proclaim herself. She does not seek attention. She quietly weaves a magic spell with her words and invites you into a cinnamon, jasmine world of sensuous tone and textures.  But Susie is a subversive voice. Her spices, though sweet, are quirky and tinged always with the underlying pathos that stalks every true artist.I asked Susie to write something for us. And Susie, being Susie, chose to celebrate the song-writer. The song can be a little celebrated form of wonderful poetry that sees us all through our rebellious, reflective, questing years and sustains us in our Autumn ones. I celebrate you today Susie. Thank you for being you!

By Susie Bertie


I have had a lucky streak …. a fair number of years in the company of some stellar songwriters – one of my favorites  –…

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