To love

Love, I have been carrying you in my heart for eons
yet you feel so much lighter
my feelings have cupped your flame
to keep it  burning brighter
rhymes emerge in dreams
like flash news on TV screens.
Day nods off, darkness hovers
Love you are a forgotten spark with a psychedelic cover
So I go about carrying you in my heart
while you cajole it to keep on singing

Our windows once talked of the days to come
The sky darkened in gloom, tomorrow seemed glum
A cold wind blew a soft warning to youth
a shiver down my arms and time too flew
me who never missed a bus,
never saw the train.
Now on diverse ends of earth
drenched and dried we still dance in the after rain
Love, you break hearts yet they mend fast enough
If we don’t tug at the little strings left undone.
©Reena Prasad edited on feb 12th 2013
•Published in LOVELETS  and read by Dr. Ampat Koshy at Urban Solace Bangalore on 2nd July 2013


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