The Fascinating, Handwritten Poems of Famous Authors

“Their hands following their thoughts

Racing perhaps to keep with the flow

They leave behind the beauty of their art

Words on paper, images of another universe”

-Reena Prasad


“Poets don’t draw. They unravel their handwriting and then tie it up again, but differently,” Jean Cocteau once said. When examining the handwritten poems of famous authors — those made popular by their texts and several famous for other art forms — there is an unparalleled intimacy that typed words cannot convey. Many of these poems were born from spontaneous bursts of creativity or late-night meditations, unsparing and instinctive in thought. Words are ostensibly silent, but these handwritten poems speak volumes about their creators. See what poets put pen to paper and revealed their inner worlds.

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3 thoughts on “The Fascinating, Handwritten Poems of Famous Authors

  1. In Ireland, you can see the handwritten scribbles of George Bernard Shaw etched in stone on the Lady Gregory estate, where Yeats and Singh and all the great Irish poets of the day used to hang out. It is deeply touching to think that Yeats walked those treed paths and sent his thoughts in to the ethers.


      1. J.M.Synge …so sorry, I spelled it wrong (can’t see). They all gathered at Coole Park at the Lady Gregory estate, near where we built our house in Ireland. There is a tree there where they all etched their autographs. It is such a special place.


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