Soul Resuscitation

soulMy thoughts on the poetry volume –Soul Resuscitation/ by Angel Meredith and Dr Koshy A.V.

“This collection of poetry is brought out in that same spirit of no compromise to the blazing bonfire of good writing” It is always interesting to know what the authors have to say about their own book. Angel Meredith and Dr. Ampat Koshy have brought out a volume of fine poetry, with a contribution of 25 poems each to their book ‘Soul Resuscitation’
Two very different and distinctive styles of writing take the readers of this book to different levels of poetic imagination. Angel Meredith’s poems begin at the beginning, follow a definite logical pattern and end as you think it will. She explores some social and personal issues with an open and often relaxed attitude, laying out almost all the cards on the table, which some readers do find helpful while reading poems. “Consider the nomad” – the book begins with this poem which has some great lines “With a shoe in your hand, shaking out the road traveled” The human condition, its aches and bruises is a recurring theme and Angel introduces the reader to some familiar characters who linger in her poems like a gentle fragrance. Insipid, Spiritswept, waiting for god are some of the ones I enjoyed most. There is an air of resignation or questions that demand answers from the universe at the end of some of the poems -no doubt a reflection of the sensitive soul of this lovable poet but demand little effort from the reader or pose no challenges for those who crave some in the course of reading a poem.

Dr Koshy‘s poems are inimitable as usual, creative and artlessly alluring from the word go. After Rilke is definitely a poem to feast on. The poem titles are intriguing too and there is nothing commonplace about any of these poems. Hope,Birds, Nirbhaya, She held a mirror to his soul, When I consider how my life is spent- are some my personal favourites. Short, experimental,
attempted humour , self deprecating poems and the ones that vanish make up the rest of this collection. Having read many of the Dr. Koshy’s eloquent and searing poems on Fb, it does seem as if some of the finest did not find a place in this collection. All the more reason to look forward to the next book from him.

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