Editor’s Corner: 101.18

MacKENZIE's Dragon's Nest

Point of View
Part I: First Person Narrative – Into the “I” of the Storm

There is nothing insignificant in the world. It all depends on the point of view.

Scribe smallCaveat lector: It’s 90 degrees here with nary a breath of wind and that has a tendency to turn even this Dragon’s mind to mush. So if I meander more than usual, bear with me. In an effort to mitigate such  rambling, I thought I’d proceed logically (for a change) from last week’s discussion of tense to a brief exploration of point of view.

What, more choices? Yes, sorry about that. Can’t be avoided, I’m afraid. Writing is all about choices.

point-of-viewAt least with point of view the menu is limited: First or third person, objective, limited omniscient, or all-out-dice-with-the-universe omniscient. Second-person POV, though rather common in poetry and song lyrics, is almost never used in fiction. (Personally, I think it…

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