In The Sandbox With Dr. Ampat Koshy: The death of poetry

In The Sandbox With Dr. Ampat Koshy. A superb piece to crunch and munch upon at the Plum Tree once again. Fully recommended – the writings /poems of  Robert Kroetsch

Should we be discussing  if poetry is dead
or is it enough to bring down a flower from a tree
and stare at it till it relents
to become strands of squeezed colour
stacked horizontally or failing that
vertically till the column
a free fall of gravity ?
Poetry hooks us when we are weak
and chokes us when we think we are strong
so is it dead
Is it only a ghost that drags us into its annals?
How powerful it is in death!
How much more if it breathes ?

8 thoughts on “In The Sandbox With Dr. Ampat Koshy: The death of poetry

  1. The proposition is just silly. Of course poetry isn’t dead, nor is it likely to be. We should always be discussing the nature and quality of poetry written now as well as the relevance of poetry written in the past.


    1. Poetry will always be better off being discussed. Thanks Jack. Let me quote John Barr(American poetry in the new century) ” The need for something new is evident. Contemporary poetry’s striking absence from the public dialogues of our day, from the high school classroom, from bookstores, and from mainstream media, is evidence of a people in whose mind poetry is missing and unmissed.”


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