I stood watching the artificial fade
The ships in the sea went first
a dirty blue floating in their wake
Sky scrapers stood shorn of their metallic grins
as glass bore the onslaught of grit

The ground rose
careening into robust palms
breaking their stoic watch guard stance
They threw leafy limbs about
seranaded by a whistling wind
mimicking the swirling hair dance
of the land

Sucked into the terrible beauty
of this tempestuous matinee,
I wanted it to go on
till nothing but sand remained

Sun-warmed towers vanished
into the unfurling arms of a stormy belly dancer who
amidst an army of scurrying humans
stomped her flurry feet and  gyrated gracefully
while hurling dust balls into inquisitive windows

As sand sprang between earth and sky
scenes from an ancient world re-emerged briefly:
isolation, a sudden hush
a desert stretching with uninhabited serenity

©Reena Prasad 10th sept 2013


8 thoughts on “Amphitheater

  1. Oh, Reena! This is one of my favorites of all your poems so far! This is a brilliant write. Such wonderful imagery and metaphors – you really made the event come to life. I could feel both the beauty and the scariness of the storm in your words. Love it!!


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