Thanal Online – Reena Prasad-2 poems

Thanal Online – Reena Prasad – Seasons.


Wish I could sit here till forever comes
with the breeze blowing yearnings astray
The sun sauntering among the snowy wisps
and the crows abandonedly cawing away.
till the green grass turns a darker green
till the tree turns to shade the other way
till dusk creeps in, taking away the warm hug
of yet another spring caressed, summer day.
The silence cascades over my thirsty soul
splashing tiny purple blooms amidst the greenish-grey
So much to breathe in, to stow away for nights
like leaves trying to capture the whistling wind
An empty bench where absence reigns
The distant laps of waves at the rocky bay
Rustles of fallen leaves, a sigh of spring
or just bliss filling an empty tray
©Reena Prasad 2013

Another poem here..”THE MOOR”


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