Fever and the Image Factory by Dr. A.V Koshy

Fever and the Image Factory

A poem by Dr. Ampat Koshy that sears with its depth and intensity of starkness. Thank you Sir, for the dedication.

Fever and the Image Factory – dedicated to my poetess friend Butterflies Oftime

Love resembles broken auk’s eggs
You broke my heart today
in the blue room
where the black rocks intruded
breaking in through the wall
with the backdrop of the
sound of crashing waves
Eggyolk spilled out sadly
as words, gooey,
slimy, sticky
made my fever rise
I felt pukish
‘You should not love me anymore
I do not need you anymore’
White words like the whites of our broken eggs
and the whites of my eyes when my pupils dilate
epileptic, my eyes rolled back
White insides of brown eggshells
littering the blue room
where I sat alone
and you went away
in a blue threat of a to be alcoholic hazy surf
breaking something
only tomorrow
may or may not repair
But does tomorrow
ever come?
© Ampat Koshy


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