A Bystander in Love – a Poem

Poetry takes its own form in the readers’ minds after the words have been put into their appropriate places. There is nothing as satisfactory as reading a poem where the images are accentuated by the form of the poem, the form keeps the theme in mind and a clear audio rendering adds to its impact while reading it. and more so when it is an experimental form having a meter to shape it. A tastefully done composition : music to the ears, a visual treat and a well worded tale too in it.. Enjoy.


This post is part of a collaborative project ‘Rain Check’ by Nayantara and Viraj. You can read about the Rain Check project here.

Photo by Nayantara Devaya (Click through the image to visit her blog) Photo by Nayantara Devaya (Click through the image to visit her blog)


His way he turned

His head before it burned

His heart eaten half through he learned

That she! thought not of him but did instead,

Do that which he did loath and dread

And love her self to death!

As he would see


When he of all

Should scrape and scratch and fall,

And look inside himself and see

Albeit posthumously,

The error of

His ways


Human Hurting, Careless!

Beware, friend!

Your swing

Its hinges creak

with love.

Note on Meter structure and the Swing Motif used in this poem 

The meter pattern used in this poem (shown in the pattern below) is derived from the oscillation of a…

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