The well of spring

Dedicated to a singer who poured music into spring

Spring pours itself
from a gorge
Anarkali appears
reposed in the shadows
of lovers who loved not enough
red blossoms wet on her cheeks
grass creeping up
her ghungroo-ed feet

empties itself into a stream
An orphan remembers
his beginnings
A thumri begins in a breeze

a veena weeps

An alaap strums the night alive
Jahanaara walks by
jasmine buds in her plait
like tear drops
on a mirror

They meet in a culmination of notes
The night breaks

filling desolation
with a ragged music
The raag flowing from
him who sang himself
to ever sleep
leaving spring and her handmaids
orphaned  in his songs
©Reena Prasad Published in  “Spring Poetry” Spring poetry
March 2014

*Anarkali – (pomegranate blossom) born Nadira Begum or
Sharf-un-Nissa, was a legendary slave girl.
*Ghungroo – a musical anklet tied to the feet of classical Indian dancers
*Thumri – a common genre of semi-classical Indian music
*Alaap – a dialogue between the musician and the raag
*Jahanaara- Queen of the World / Universe -Jahanara-“Princess of
Princesses” -Year 1627, India
Princess Jahanara, the favorite daughter of Shah Jahan and his wife
Mumtaz Mahal

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