The swirl


A poem a day







2. The swirl
Wings beating in the darkness it flew off
I could see its silhouette
till the sun rose

As it passed me in the night shadows stroked my hair
somewhere near it had come to roost
a perch unseen not unheard

like old love settling into a familiar lair
but my dawn was cruel
Its white was never fair

A hope swung from a branch and then let go
A dead bat hung on an electric wire
that wouldn’t let go

A dream swirled around the sink and sank with toothpaste foam
Each morning the mirror sings an elegy
to a crushed drupe

My skin is a polythene bag
with half a liter  of stale street air
A pin prick is all I need to fly the coop

©Reena Prasad

Posted in Destiny Poets. Link Here

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