Gender bias

A poem a day


11. Gender bias

Seated on the hill top you promise your sons
young and old
forty one days of health, of rest and of clean living
but neglect their
Each of the eighteen steps they climb
they have rehearsed gratefully
chanting your name
while having the bed to themselves
while their women lie someplace away covered
their fecundity seeping all over the floor
though they bleed every month
to keep your devotee throng stronger
“O’ son of Hari and Haran
the invulnerability of the asura lives on
through her female offspring-
the daughters who rise before dawn
to scrub the lamps
their day beginning with the stench of rotten flowers
and cook the freshest of stuff for the swamis
while their bellies hang in two folds-
one from carrying mortal love
and the other from eating stale leftovers
©Reena Prasad


Published in Gulmohar Magazine. Link Here


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