A poem a day








16. Un Ex

Your fingers are near. I can hear them move around my keys
We visit each other surreptitiously but never meet
I pretend to be an open house
yet never leave any door unlocked that you may find
My  fears are deep for if I lost you
when you weren’t even mine
how can I keep you now?

You could walk in but there is no one to tell you
about the walls I never built
yet confess I must
An afternoon has stolen all my sleep 

On another page she smiles blissfully
your child in her arms
At ease, posing for your eyes
In her dimples I see your smile

My gaze travels to familiar skin
The open buttons over your chest oozing familiarity
The intense shadows in your eyes inviting again
Tousled hair that was once a tug away
begging to be clutched

Once there was time enough for these and more
none could stop us
yet we never began

Now jealousy strikes on a very ordinary afternoon
I watch my numb ghost stumble around in grief

The night avoids my wet eyes
The little one with your hair and lips
I  had wanted ten just like him to be all mine
©Reena Prasad


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