Carpe Diem by Ampat Koshy

Carpe Diem – A poem by Ampat Koshy

You offer me words
like soul, mind and art
and want me
to feel

but I’m not.

What satisfies me is
the craving for touch
being quenched
and the passion
for smell
(and movement)
being stilled,
after being stirred up !

And please know:
when you let me
kiss you
the taste
that fills us
with sweetness
opens ‘swarg.’

You try to tell me
this is slaking our lust
but it is hearts and love – becoming one in trust.
“Must it be, it must be..,” yes, it must !

Then when you unwind, and open your eyes wide
you see how my argument was…just, and right.
©Ampat Koshy


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