Only words tonight


Touch me tonight with just your words
Use them to strip off lingering covers
Let them gently drop like eyelashes do,
one after the other
a rose shedding dew drops, petal-soft and sure
Hold them up as a veil for the crimson buds
from a green-eyed moon
Set them down free to kiss the streaming shadows
and leave me fraught with the need
to spill over too
Let them wander over soft undulations,
dip their way into shy, wave-lapped coves
Spread them all over the moonlit floor
to be seduced by a travelling blush or two
Urge them into tiny flames flaring up the spine
Douse them with the passion in your darkened eyes
Let them loose upon my fields, I am all ears
This night yearns to pirouette to their whispers
©Reena Prasad

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