Parallel play

≅                                                                 ≅
In this space
between breathing and letting go
we are forever youthful
caressing the nape of a reluctant emotion
with ardent words
stroking lust handles with careful feelers
our nets wiser with wider gaps
to let the slick beast slip back
into a cloak of the obtuse
Abandoned by fleeing seasons
we spend our time
bending the day into squares
as it muscles into our playing fields
insisting that we listen to the drumming

all around us
the din goes to dinner
the clatter of their spoons
dipping into brains
and open mouths
and the chatter of new tongues
repelling the hints

rain around our cave
Our paper kisses
continue unabated
Banana fronds, coconut bowls
hard cupping torn promises
rustling up a sunshine
as a saved document of an age
with a hermetic seal
thwarting the hedonistic reverberations
from an abandoned stage
where spectators are trying out
body paint and lines
becoming lovers, foes, gods and vermin
over time
with none to see them or us play
©Reena Prasad

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