Water Worship


The water in the lotus lake
for its serenity to be stabbed
by silver bells tinkling against an ankle

It holds back its coolness
like a liquid storm taking a breather
before letting loose its breath-spray
upon the bay

Like a single tear drop upon a pale cheek
she emerges from the reddening dawn
her hair kissing her waist
her lips kissing each other in prayer

The water parts
eager to touch her bare toes

She slides in among the lotuses
spreading themselves in petal-led delight
as vermillion dots the distant horizon
The water curves down her sides

Contended drops hang themselves
from the curly edges of her hair

She scoops up the water with cupped palms
and facing the sun, lets it drip
her lips still kissing in prayer…
between them
a drop dies in bliss

©Reena Prasad


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