Fall Scenarios


The Balconies

Children barely two years old
fall all the time and are never blamed
nor forgotten

So do young wives with new babies but they leave
clutching a tag of deliberate cruelty
(as if a tiny baby can defeat  mites of lovelessness
crawling through blood streams)

‘Bachelors’ earning  loneliness
and far too little money fall on their loved ones
from unfinished buildings
Their families fall in tandem

Anyone can
on a convenient day,
if pushed

which is why we have balconies

Possibilities on a Cloud-less Day

I fall from the balcony
on to the roof of the parking lot
A pigeon cloud rises

I fall onto the balcony of the man
who rings his wife daily and throws glowing stubs
into the darkness; his phone bills shatter the night

I fall on the old, green Pilot
abandoned in the no-parking lot
our bodies create art in public
Dust on dust we lie

I fall on the quiet road, halting a few footsteps
bones race out of skin
energy dissipates, ether waits 

I fall on the clean grounds of the big white mosque
Waiting footwear scatters
The crowd inside prays unanimously
for a way to heaven 

I get there first

©Reena Prasad


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