The golden gleam is a burnished knife
slashing through carefully tucked silk pleats
Caught among curls, a flower droops
The breeze tonight is a black gloved hand

We fight the intruder using our bodies
I draw you inside me
trying to plug the loss of reason
To soothe my violated senses
with your ready warmth

There is a lone woman digging
under the earth
I hear her loud , she couldn’t be clearer
I have felt her eyes beneath the black
beckoning to her victims

but she is there between our skins
as your lips kiss away goose bumps
and make love with a vengeance
trying to leave no room for wandering terrors
to stroll in
Just before my fear flies, she knives me

I drip in small puddles
Red as the scattered petals of a rose
some drops coalesce
The fire you stoke keeps me alive

Assaulted by veils that stab and flee
I hide under your much-mortal veracity
and you patch up my wounds
with a love rain that sets us free


©Reena Prasad.


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