ICOP : ROLL OF HONOUR | Destiny Poets

ICOP : ROLL OF HONOUR | Destiny Poets.
“”A great start to the new year 2015″”
Thank you Louis Kasatkin and Destiny Poets, UK for selecting me as I.C.O.P Poet of the Year 2014. My gratitude to everyone in this great group and to all my friends especially Louis Kasatkin and my fellow poets who have always encouraged good poetry and writing by commenting and giving feedback on all the poems and other writings posted on this site. It is no easy task to keep such a large and active group motivated, even more so to keep tabs on and leave feedback for all the posts pouring in and astounding that such a list of honour can be compiled year after year. My pleasure to belong to this community of earnest and talented poets. Congratulations to every poet in all the three categories of the award!! Very happy to be here among good friends and great poets.


We are pleased to announce the names of the Winners and of those Highly Commended in our Annual International Community of Poets’ Awards ,now in their third year.
The three Awards Categories are ,for ; ICOP Poet of the Year ; ICOP Poem of the Year ; ICOP Faith-Centred Poet of the Year. Each of the Categories is listed thus,firstly the name of the Winner followed by the names of the Highly Commended tabulated alphabetically.

I.C.O.P. Poet of the Year 2014 :- **** WINNER :- Reena Prasad ****
*** HIGHLY COMMENDED **** are …** Rahul Aithal **….** Witty Fay **….** Iulia Gherghei **….** Ampat Koshy **….** Gopal Lahiri **….** Joel Ogunjimi **….** Jan Christian Sorensen **….** Nalini Srivastava **….** Neetu Wali **….

I.C.O.P. Poem of the Year 2014 :- **** WINNER :- Autism – Neetu Wali ****
**** HIGHLY COMMENDED **** are… ** Blank Diary – Maaya Dev **….** Fakery – Reena Prasad **….** Golden – Witty Fay **….** Not This Song Never – Marieta Maglas **….** (The) Picture – Sana Rose **…..** Seashell – Rahul Aithal **….** Weighed Against the Ashes and the Tears – Keith Wallis **….** Wild Meadows – Sunita Prasad **….** 1947 – Sarita Jenamani **….

I.C.O.P. Faith-Centred Poet of the Year 2014 :- **** WINNER :- Keith Wallis ****
**** HIGHL:Y COMMENDED **** are…. ** Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo **….** Maaya Dev **….** Elizabeth Hexberg **….** Jan Phillips **….** Tapeshwar Prasad **….** Ramesh Rai **….** Shamsner Singh **….** Lata Tewari **…** Sharon Elizabeth Walker **…..

Louis Kasatkin , Founder & Editorial Administrator

Monday , 5 January 2015 .

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