Some days like today
I wish the day would retreat back
into the piercing blue
wipe off that loud, red eastern smirk
and replace it with an extinguished spark
and my fingers would type evenly
without the tremor, the sudden blindness
that betrays my useless tears
I wish the bathroom doors were as soundproof
as your heart
sometimes seems to be
I wish I could unread an obituary
delete it from the page
and go back into the chatbox
believing that a lone smiley there
still breathes
I wish I didn’t have to smile
while I stare into
a wood of imaginary trees
plunge into its deep green pool
and weep

©Reena Prasad


4 thoughts on “Un-dying

  1. This is so beautiful …the Un-dying wouldn’t we all love that . I don’t know what it is about your poetry Reena but, as I ‘ve said before it speaks volumes . It’s my kind of poetry ,the way I like to write . I would love to start my own blog and put my poetry on so you can see what I mean . I could never be as good as you of course.

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