NaPoWriMo-2 Shelter From The Storm


Shelter From The Storm

A whirling column of air swoops on a bit of paper
snatching it from my hand
swirling into a brown tower
Running after it into the castle of dust
I find you there reading my words
carried higher than their tenor

I never feared the storm and still do not
though I wonder why
when it unleashes its ire at me
invariably when i am moments away
from the shore
and tosses me mid-sea again
out of my depth/breath
till I flip over
and let the waters take my weight

I never learnt to swim
hoping the depths would be as pleasurable
as the sea in your eyes
where I can float without dread
of being tossed ashore
and come alive in parts
till we form a whole if I drown

The sea shores up shell-songs to quell the storms in my sighs
yet my shelter from you, my storm, has always been your eye
© Reena Prasad


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