NaPoWriMo-3 Liquid Laughter

NaPoWriMo -3
Liquid Laughter

The evening swayed slightly to mellow music
Above our sparkling glass rims
gulls circled slender minarets
Looking around in bliss we found
the room of kindred souls
mimicking the flight of the gulls
all be it rather slow

A wildfire spread
burning up discord and petty gripes
We held hands like kids do and laughter tumbled out
emboldened by an expensive host
The music retreated into rich brocades
We glided towards the nearest door
intent on exploring the city exploring us

In this joyful world
nothing could go wrong
The uniformed waiter
halted our bare foot tango with the bill
Strange cities call for stranger visitors
Our shoes somehow made it to the window sill

Pockets empty, shoes in hand
we hit the road
a last one swilled to even out its ruts
Two drunks measuring a foreign street
and liquid laughter oozing from now patched up cuts
(c) Reena Prasad.


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