NapoWriMo-5 At the Carnival


At the Carnival

The city danced
its smoking chimneys hoisted on its shoulders
curtsying to the human spirit gripping its innards
Aroma of warm bread escaped its heated prison
The dancers took the street hostage
A kaleidoscope of swirls, whirls and feisty moves
People dropped into the scene
locking themselves into a jumbo selfie
changing its wallpaper every minute
A roar rose, toasts were raised, a city bared its bosom
while hiding its fickleness within the flowing capes

Another love carnival thundered in the square
Our hands torn apart momentarily
found their un-promised destinies again
Our masks in place
you wandered way past my defenses
I submitted to your vagrant lips
hoping our seasons wouldn’t change
once the festivities reached their peak

We explored the green sleeves of the city
its blue canopies, its silver streams
and the gold flecks in our naked eyes
the breadth of your chest, the softness of belly fur
the depth of hidden hollows
the bird nests in our cliffs and coves

Fireworks scorched the sky
fizzing out in the moat were a million matchsticks dunked in wine
The drums thundered, the streets swayed
Abandoning my sequins, I glittered as a woman much loved does
and you moved us away
Our dance stepping up its tempo
as the city practiced its new found beat
stirring its latent volcanoes

I tipped your mask back
and the city, the crowd and the carnival lunged over a precipice
A perfect stranger looked back at me


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