NaPoWriMo-7 Summer Rain

Summer Rain

I would have loved for us to defy death
the way poems do
springing out from paper graves

Once they have burnt me to ash,
released this trapped bit of air
stowed you safe under a hefty stone
and left the world to us

our wild selves free
to meet

let us

lie over your headstone
snow-fetti melting from your shoulders
and from my hair
-remanants of our clinging winter
the warm rain singing a frantic refrain
of our desperation, deprivation
and final damnation

Let us
begin another summer
bring on a pagan rain

But you never came
for on this driest patch of sand
my heart has been conjuring up gleaming shells
Their glitter unshed in my eyes while I wait
for the cease of the merciless roar
of an endless summer rain

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