NaPoWriMo-10 Give Me A Place In The Backyard


Give me a place in the backyard

if it hurts you to let go of the leash,
know that a river too does not find it easy
to masquerade as a tree
To keep a trapped moonbeam alive
requires stringent measures
You have down every shutter
and sleep forever in its forlorn firelight

If it kills you
to see your bonsai stretch
stand on its toes
leafing its stunted extensions
into the silhouette of the mighty tree
it imagines it can be

then do it

Keep me forever
Safe from eyes, lips and hands of any other
(Of thoughts and memories though
there is no guarantee)
and my meagre aspirations
to breathe, to love, to grow minuscule wings

I longed for a place in the backyard of your heart
but the tree-shade
behind your house will do as well
Kill me and there keep me
perhaps then we can both sing
©Reena Prasad.


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