NaPoWriMo 12 The Ultimate Lullaby

NaPoWriMo 12

The Ultimate Lullaby

I have used you in every way I could
take me now, I have no regrets

From the time you stood at the playroom door
and watched a cough rack her meat-less bones
I have heard your furtive stepfall
following, noting, taking
stealing what I loved

Our little golden furball, the knitting
grandma in her warm shawl
Scud the wagging warrior of our team
Unborn dreams
You snatched them all

But I survived your clumsy aim
never being there where your arrows fall

Now I use you ruthlessly
to garner love and tears
to write poems
to remain mortal

you are the ultimate midnight lullaby
Those who hear you
never wake up
©Reena Prasad


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