NaPoWriMo 13 Endless Masquerade

NaPoWriMo 13

Endless Masquerade

The room dim- lit, had a roaring fire in it
Like a moth desperate to dash against the light
I flew around searching for a mask to fit

The room was empty
Seven masks hung from the ceiling
seven coloured, seven shaped
With each step I took
they withdrew, climbing higher

The black one looked like you
the golden like me
The white like a long forgotten memory
The green had disquieting lips
the blue- deep sorrow
the yellow glittered, a rage in its hollows

but the red!

The red was love, hate, blood, wine, passion, fire and fury
The red, the reason I was a blob of quivering mercury

But my mask faded, frayed and faithless
refused to leave my face
The new one I could not get
till the old one left its place

In the silent firelit room selling faces
the final masquerade was taking place
A deal was struck, I tore off my face
Bloodied, barely alive
but triumphant
I reached for the beautiful red!

but the other six got to me first
and I fell
Masks over masks over masks
A sign overhead said- masks from hell
©Reena Prasad.


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