NaPoWriMo 14 Revisiting

NaPoWriMo 14 


The key turns and a door slides back effortlessly
The refrigerator hymns and the mewing kittens
have begun and I wait
for the rest of the sounds to fill in
-a cracked bucket waiting patiently
for the customary drops from its tap

Persistant rings of bicycle bells
A ‘chaka akhi’ tape loud-speaking
from the temple
Thc call of the street vendor
‘har ek maal teen rupaiyya’
hoarse cawing from banana fronds
and hidden sparrow chirps from the green hedge
where once my siblings caught a crow
with a school ribbon
all file in noisily like unruly kids

The back drop being sketched meanwhile
The shade of the mango tree
a mat with scattered books
two pairs of bare legs
swinging from the courtyard wall
sun kissing tousled heads
and a late afternoon rain-drenched courtyard
with fallen baby mangoes

I took it all with me when I left
like a farewell cake
carefully wrapped in the warm, brown paper
of memories

so that if you revisit the place alone
you find just a bare plot
and the scent of a freshly-mowed heart
unless ofcourse you visit me too
and find the house intact
and its stories unabridged
©Reena Prasad.


2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 14 Revisiting

  1. Such a reflective poem Reena . Echoes of the of the past in every word . So good ,your poems always set me up for the day with a skip in my step.


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