NaPoWriMo 15 Seeds Of Love

NaPoWriMo 15

Seeds Of Love

A glance at the online newspaper
and I close that window
but not before several others open in me
and in each one is a different scene

The numbers of the dead
mere numbers
in a terrifying little math book
All I see are1.5 million homeless
800,000 of them children

Another opens closer to home
where dubious crusades for equality
are taking place between dogs and men
and where people die
like electrocuted mosquitoes
Smog from their pyres
hangs like washing from choked balconies
till the next festival of communal hatred
repaints the sidewalks
More windows fly open with alarming alacrity

I reach into me
to try pull out a thorn stuck within
A thorn that plugs a gaping hole
through which I see scattered seeds
buried like land mines around me
their distorted shapes deprived of sunlight
screaming wildly:

“don’t mingle with him- servant’s kid
avoid him-drunkard’s
shoo her away-beggars’s
keep a watch on your shoes- the busker’s
don’t let him touch you- leper’s
don’t bring her home- an orphaned
don’t fall in love- a different god’s ”

These are failed seeds
They cannot sprout nor their tentacles ever grow
the soil being barren
intrinsically lacking the fecund humus of
hatred and irrationality
This soil has been prepared with wisdom
and watered with care
to receive only the seeds of love
©Reena Prasad


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