NaPoWriMo 19 Roots

NaPoWriMo 19

No tendrils stretch between us over the lawn
but underneath do you sense
the whisper of a sea
leafing through grass blades imperceptibly
where two encircling globes of disheveled heat

searching for intervening forests to burn?
A gigantic tree grows downwards
its chirping birdlife flourishing in underground veins
every nest holding a potential seed
An intangible, gnarled knot taking shape
from an ancient rhythm kept alive
blessed by promises that float around mute
till we forget our silence and speak
An ocean swims within its hollows
and a million reefs grow between us
Longing distorting their shapes
yanking them into ectoplasmic extensions
each one searching, groping in the dark
for the warmth of reciprocality
Underneath our battle-worn selves
slow-stripping into arid deserts
uncoiling, thrusting, shooting tongues of flame
at our cowardly placidity
is a massive city of writhing roots
©Reena Prasad


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