NaPoWriMo 24 Metamorphosis

NaPoWriMo 24


You said- leave the dishes
I cannot wait
Come sit beside me
your head on my chest
Let me feel your breath
I have been away all day

Your fingers locked mine
in a mock duel-play
The TV remained lifeless
The curtain flapped breezily
A full-bodied moon saw red
as you laid me back and
your finger traced a swollen lip

Then one winter
you grew wings

The TV talks relentlessly
The window wheezes dust, its view smothered
The moon sullied, lurks in salty pools
The curtain misses a certain breeze

My fingers have forgotten the
feel of any other
Of a held breath and a skipped beat
there is no return address
Where your chest was, lies a pillow

You no longer say anything sweet
nor stop me from doing the dishes

Now I cannot wait
for the last spring to come
to grow my own wings
©Reena Prasad


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