The Sense Of An Ending

Superb! I would have liked to write something like this but no one could have said it better than you did! Thank you Rhiti for this gem. Reblogging it with your permission.

My Scattered Thoughts


Day 25: 25th April 2015 NAPOWRIMO


Sense of an ending

It all began on the first of April

The month of NaPoWriMo

Pushed us all together

In this beautiful drill

It was Dr.Koshy’s idea

To have us all take part

His brilliance, our effort

Made it work.

Today is day twenty and five

The sense of ending

Looming near

I have a heavy heart, I declare

Never in my life, did I think

I would write poetry

That too thirty in thirty days

The days went by in a blink

Poets assembled in Rejected Stuff

Streams of poetry flowed

Of superlative nature

Adorning the day with artistic measure

Poets reigned supreme

In this beautiful act

But it’s coming to an end

And that’s a fact.

One thing is for sure though

The sense of ending

Is truly a beginning

For all of us to grow.


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