NaPoWriMo 26 Ether

NaPoWriMo 26


Ether within me rests
sliding down fences and under them
its path insidious
its silence addictive
An unguarded moment
and it morphs into thought bubbles
-the shape of your shadow
leaning against the outside of my wall
hands folded, doing a Heathcliff in vain

My restlessness incognito
zooms into your hologram too
mimicking the smile in my eyes
or the eyes in my smile

Reckoning that air has no dual tones
ether plays out its desires
in sun-yellowed fields
while moonlight drenches the bed
and two auras, their bodies gone visiting
lie clasped in sleep
The fecklessness of their dreams
transformed into a temporary glade

Dawn dismantles heart-baked bricks
and I fold you several times over, stowing you away
till you occupy the least space
and the heaviest corner of my heart
©Reena Prasad



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