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The dough has started to swell
I eye it
helpless to stop its expansion
my cataract-clouded brain exhales
Carotene and chlorophyll rainbows
arc behind me
I feel them part the smoke
and blow softly through hazy lips

while steadily surging all around
trapping me within their persistent stalks
are mushrooms and broccoli heads
and the fat yam stem with its snake skin
The fish though dead
swim energetically in a sea that weaves its way
through me
hazing me
My island having floated away
while I swept, cleaned, chopped and fried
turning into something
more vegetable, more fish than them

They keep growing while I diminish
filling every space I had left untouched
twisting their stems, cut-hardened peels and
determined roots
all having drunk a potion
all but me

In this ballooning forest
my years have shrunk to frozen moments
jerking forward only when hissed at
I have shrunk steadily
my body, a vestigial apology
making aimless circles
Among these monsters
armed with forks and knives,
I am the only victim
My head lies on a clean cutting board
and a gross grinding stone
swings over me
my feeble protests drowned
by the clatter of steel spoons
rushing to scoop me up
as I am chewed
and regurgitated
onto my kitchen floor
©Reena Prasad


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