Corvine Re-lease

She leapt from rocks to boulders
her swift brown fury
reverberating under hill slopes
her tongue jabbing craters in them
I stared fascinated
Impudent- she hurled
muddy cadavers at me

I embraced the nearest blades of grass,
gurgles of loss trickling into my ears
images of an uneaten bowl of life
while she spewed primal rain abuses
kicking silt over my prostrate form

Earthly beings loomed with sturdy knives
I began to hope- a graffiti among several others
She howled with laughter as they ripped
my earlobes off
and chopped at my writhing wrists

Freed of my human form
I watched her scrub clean
the greedy semen from her entrails
while she sprayed me with fresh blood

I hovered out of habit
reluctant to leave my mortal skin orphaned
She thrust out a watery foot
and dislodged it from the black pool
Amidst its final whirls and swirls
I flew away to caw a warning
©Reena Prasad


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