Interdependence Day


Happy Interdependence day, that is the better way

Unsavoury amputation
A limb torn off with no surgical finesse
The wound seemingly free of disease
still bleeds on the slightest scratch
its torn edges dip into dripping blood pools
the unplanned birth complicating the world
for both mother and child

We crisscrossed once, our feet dragging over the land
to fall into grander webs of deceit
or to escape the smog from burning pyres
fearing a backlash from churned up waves of enmity

What is mine cannot be yours
what is yours I cannot touch
Thus we declared that we were free
of each other

Our sharing spirit now confined to media posts
while in aging hearts, memories persist
and we cross over again in dreams or a lucky few
in reality

searching for decrepit homes
where once we no longer wanted to live
and faces unfamiliar, rank strangers
milling around the border
for a glimpse, to squeeze in through the gaps
in the barbed wire fences
growing faster than our children do

A writhing tail on the floor
refuses to believe that it is needed
no more

p.s… Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a must watch.


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