The Call


For Elizabeth Kuriakose who made The Call seem so enticing and inspired this one.

You will be called
when the poem peaks to a crescendo
and its violins play the final chorus
and you know that the music will never be better
but you have to leave

You will be called
when the tongue, heart and brain in unison
tremble on the verge of a perfect retort
but you will say “Excuse me” and lamely go

You will be called
at the juncture which decides
whether the souffle or the phulka or the cake
will rise magnificiently
or attain rigor mortis
and at the precise moment
when your onions are evenly browned
and can take the heat no more

You will be called when with closed eyes
you see the truth ever so simple
standing before you, hand outstretched
but before you can shake it, the day muscles into your eyes
and poof!

and finally you will be called
when they take stock
and find you clear of all your dues
when you have handed over everything
you received in the starter kit on your way in
from the wild hair to a crooked nose right down to your blues


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