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I grew up in Salt Lake in Kolkata, in a typically middle class household with middleclass values and a lot of emphasis on education. Ours was a happy family of four – my parents, my brother and I. My upbringing had the perfect balance of strictness and restrictions on the one hand and affection, care and protection on the other.  My childhood memories are still vivid in my mind –the after school games, the humble birthday parties (where the commonest of gifts were books … a rarity these days), the month long rehearsals for cultural programs during Durga Puja, gorging on home-made sweets and snacks post Durga Puja in each other’s houses ……those were the days!

Studies were mandatory but music was my passion ever since I was a child. I started taking music lessons early on in my life. There was a time when I had the option of…

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