Never Let Go



Never Let Go

I want to go to sleep
to wake up in your arms once more
to grow up super slow this time
and savor every touch of yours
never more in a hurry
to reach the end of a long, lazy yawn
But I look at you curled up, contained
in the small screen of my mobile
a small sleeping figure in white
and I wonder why is it that I want to
mother an 80 year old
through a whatsapp message
to hold your hand in my palm
and help you walk like
once you did for me
to admonish that careless step
to tell you again and again
to take care of the small things
and the big will take care of itself
Wisdom dawning too late
but I don’t want you to grow anymore
or go anywhere where I cannot follow
Call it a mother’s anxiety or a daughter’s plea
but for me it is the only prayer I now know
©Reena Prasad

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