Hues of Betrayal


Hues of betrayal

Sadistically draped upon green sepals
vivid paintings on my inner arms
and thighs
tattoos blow-kissed by a delicate hand
running through my splashed petals,
I throw open my pistils

Cherry reds, regal violets
and terrible pinks of passion
fish among your recurring dreams
of yielding tunnels, slippery caves
and a climax of full screen color

You are my winged creature
for tonight
I am wild sweetbrier, bold yet velvet
Turned inside out for you
Luxuriate while you can
in the soft cores of imagination

Take your time, I need it too
to change states
from warm air to cold glass

to sharpen my ungodly gift of thorns
each one grown from a violation, a trespass, a rape
each one erect, pointed with derision, with scorn
ready to sink into you
and drown your ark
the one with your fatal collection
of fucked flowers

A woodpecker-ed ghost of a tree
or a leaky cauldron
You still get to choose your remains
©Reena Prasad

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