Chennai is flooding/ Ampat Koshy


Ampat Koshy
December 4, 2015 · Bangalore, India.
With/to Prodipta PoPo Banerjee and all who ask me to keep writing
Poem dedicated to Reena Prasad


Chennai is flooding
In California a couple killed lots of people
I don’t know the why or what for but I know the end result
In Greece girls only seventeen are selling sex to strangers for just a sandwich
due to poverty
Women and girls are openly sold in the market by IS, it seems, as sex slaves
People indulge in self-justification of their own group
saying some in it are good and some bad
but vilify all in other camps
as if there this dual rhetoric does not apply
when even India has changed to ultra careful and totally confused
making students suffer for the sins of adults
Real writers are silenced everywhere by others or by depression
give up writing or are killed or threatened or commit suicide
but people still want me to write

But what do I write about, anymore?
The news weighs me down
atrocity after atrocity
occurs and is reported
as if personal tragedies were not enough to wrestle with
No one can afford, any longer, to bat an eyelid
Spare a second, write a poem
change the channel
care only for yourself
and your family, loved ones and friends
God is silent and does not exist, or allows it for reasons untold
and no one else interferes or cares

The theory of original sin seems to makes sense
The myth of heaven and hell makes even more sense

I want to write happy poems
to improve everyone’s quality of life
but nothing of the sort comes forth from my pen

Only sad songs

Better to relapse into silence
remain in silence
and pray for the sane ones
especially the children and the weak
to be kept safe
in these turbulent times
and just live out one’s own life
till one dies
the only certainty left to us in this time.
©A. V. Koshy

4 thoughts on “Chennai is flooding/ Ampat Koshy

  1. You have depicted the tragedy of these hard times we are all going through so well Dr Koshy in this powerful poem.Food for thought and greater reasons for an action.We are with you, always.

    Liked by 1 person

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