sub rosa Valentine


Art: Sub rosa by KarPChan on DeviantArt

“Hold this”, I said
It is Valentine’s eve
“I feel it coming on”
I give her the freshly thawed fish
and rush into the bathroom
She fills the sink and slides the fish in
for a death swim

I am waiting for the rose
A red one with a tall, elegant neck
The wait is making me throw up
I must tell her, on the verge of womanhood
how deep a rose cuts
about the blood it drains from my veins
to keep its crimson allure

The rose meanwhile, on its way has work to do
It must
repair the ravages of a sub vino rape
give up its hues to cover bruised lips
use its lone, curved thorn to prick life into frozen breasts,
dab its water to smoothen under eye potholes
lie naked on skin with its petals ripped off and strewn like stars
and with its overpowering symbolism, deliver a quietus

In short
Flog the porcelain with a scented, scattered muse
and patch her up for another year of (ab)use
©Reena Prasad


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