The Amazing Ballad Of Bapu/ A biography in verse


A mammoth feat by Santosh Bakaya carried out with élan. The language and verses are a treat and the book (though seemingly simple as the lifestyle of the great man himself) is painstakingly well researched and enriched with the love in its author’s heart and in the heart of the subject. A true saga of peace: The Mahatma would have approved of it. I keep returning to it spellbound hearing the peace pipes in it.

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Ballad of Bapu
Me with Dr. Santosh Bakaya’s Ballad of Bapu

Ballad of Bapu -a book for every generation, new, old or in-between- A review in verse 🙂

From the very cover of this a tour de force book
with its superb introduction in prose till the very last verse,
the Ballad sings of a life that passed us by yet has never really left
Bapu re-emerges, his voice stronger, by dint of a wordsmith deft

The Mahatma is well known, his biographers are many
yet here is a voice true, divorced from the realm of cliches
A daunting project but the author too isn’t anyone ordinary
Her language has elegance, power and rhythm to add to its riches

There is nothing like Santosh Bakaya’s poetry to address the intensity of life
The ballad flows, its form dynamic, masterfully rhythmic like a folk lore
The man in it takes the centre stage and when he bows out
I am left bereft, feeling a loss that never was felt before

Strong emotions tear apart jaded cynicism like fresh rain
He walks through the pages and into our lives again
The poet is at her sublimest, her words weaving history
Truth unembellished she sings, we remember our own story

A moving biography in verse, even for those blissful in ignorance’s oblivion
A must-read literary gem and not just for the Mahatma’s billions.
©Reena Prasad

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