Issue Three: Reena Prasad

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Fauna Quarterly


It hurts when you choose to appear
Between two yellow cheese slices
Bread chars, another finger burns
My eyes are blurred,
I love a failed murderer
You smile and I forget the distance
I put between your fingers and my neck
I am choked up, it isnt emotion
It is a paper doll walking down
my throat
Our unflattering history, I relentlessly flatten
Till no questions bulge in your frame
And stick you among pages you abhor
My wan idea of revenge
But that grin
It burns up wood, not yet a tree, not yet paper
And my ashes float in the milk I spilt
We hated once, a better kind of love
Any more of it would have been incest
Paper thin siblings of a shared sorrow
You and me
We fight through our failings
I pulped your…

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