The Healing Power of the Arts is what I believe will be the factor which will keep us sane and able to bear the atrocities we see happening all around and which we can no longer ignore. Thank you Jamie Dedes for considering my small piece worthy to be published in the excellent BeZine. The amazing writers in this issue have given the best of themselves I feel and I am humbled to be a small part of this venture. DO read the whole magazine by clicking on the link at the bottom.

Poetry finds you when you are broken, insists on taking you into its fold, puts your pieces together and then you never leave. It struck me when I was standing at the doorway of my home one July th…

Source: Sanctuary

7 thoughts on “Sanctuary

    1. Means much to me that you took the time to read and leave a supportive comment not only here but at the awesome Bezine too, Robin Baldwin. Totally worth writing the article if it could touch even one person. Cheers and have a great season.
      p.s The 100 walks is a unique concept. Best of blessings and have fun!
      THANK YOU!

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