My review of Dr. Santosh Bakaya’s book Flights From My Terrace
published in Cafe Dissensus. Thank you Cafe Dissensus.

Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Reena Prasad

Title: Flights From My Terrace
Author: Santosh Bakaya
Publisher: Authorspress, 2017

The author warned me that I might like her latest book.  I gave myself up to the pleasure of reading Flights From My Terrace with a boxful of pristine, white soft tissues under the cot. The last time I read a Santosh Bakaya book of poetry, I was tissue-deprived, due to someone’s poor housekeeping skills, and was forced to bury my face from time to time into a great, fluffy teddy bear that had not seen snotty times until then.

Having tried my hand at writing personal pieces, I know it is hard. Hard to know the limits of this genre, to know when to jerk back the reins and hold in the colts of memory. It is even harder to explain why your great granddad stuffed his cucumbers into socks and emphatically deny that insanity…

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