‘To The Dark One’ GloMag September 2017


Thank you Glory Sasikala πŸ’•πŸ’•



To the Dark One

I keep your storm
under my brooding lashes
detached my gait
as if carrying an ocean
is something I do with ease
while my heart wears my ankle bells

There is a forlorn moon
on the prowl tonight
fox ear-sharp her senses, searching for a night
to offset her pale cheeks

In the shadows of your beloved tree, I sink listening to the entrancing β€˜bansuri’
My robe keeping out the inquisitive cold , my toes playing with dead leaves

I hid my joy from all
when your dark skin
made me the fair one, now it is my heart
that does the same to me

This night brings the only gift for me
liberty from primeval chains
that have always strangled love,
I dare not sing aloud my ecstasy

There are others who want nothing
but to suffer my plight
Hush the breeze,
Still your leaves, mighty tree
I want the pain of this desertion
To cleave me with its intensity

The moon is one, my heart is another
My soul, you have too many rivals
wanting to explore the joys of being bereft


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